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Reservation Policies


1.- Reservations only I guaranteed by a deposit that can be deposited to bank account, paid in cash or charged to a credit / debit card.The deposit must be made within the prescribed period, otherwise it will be an expired reservation (canceled) that may be reinstated upon confirmation of availability and rates.

2.- Advances will be for 50% of total booking including taxes or the first night, whichever is greater.Except promotions, the advance will be 100% non-refundable.

3.- After booking, no refund.In case of cancellation or NO-SHOW you will lose the total advance paid.

4.- In any case a room number will be guaranteed in specific, but the type of room reserved.Therefore not guarantee rooms at a certain location or 2 or more rooms booked stay together.

5.- The customer is solely responsible and will have every right to ask all the questions and concerns you have about the hotel, its services, facilities, policies and conditions prior to your reservation.We are not responsible for omitted information that has not been questioned or clarified by the customer and which somehow can disturb your stay, such as by but not limited to the use of bracelets, hours delivery rooms, general regulations, parking conditions, charges and conditions of visitors, general or specific facilities in each room, among other.

6.- Changes or modifications Reservations:

Clause A)
THIS APPLIES ONLY FOR RESERVATIONS CLAUSE 2 or less ROOMS AND 13 OR LESS NIGHTS BOOKED.Reservations can be modified dates or room type provided it is accepted by the customer the new rate to apply, and requesting the change via e-mail at least 2 weeks before the arrival date, having received confirmation hotel staff by the same route.If the total payable is greater must settle the difference to square with the policy 2; if the total is less than the originally agreed advance payment will remain as such without refund in case of cancellation or higher NO-SHOW.

Subpart B)
THIS CLAUSE APPLIES ONLY FOR RESERVATIONS 3 or more rooms or Groups.Reservations of 3 or more rooms or group reservations may not reduce the number of rooms confirmed once paid their advance, otherwise they will lose the proportional part of the deposit corresponding to the canceled room.They may change the type of room to book or dates as long as is done with 2 weeks prior to the date of entry, you have obtained availability, the new rate is accepted and the difference is paid the corresponding deposit.

Paragraph C)
THIS CLAUSE APPLIES ONLY FOR RESERVATIONS stays longer than 14 NIGHTS.Deposits for reservation are not refundable or transferable regardless of the cause or why the change or cancellation is made.If the reservation is made 6 months in advance or more from the arrival date will be accepted as non-refundable and non-transferable paragraph 25% of the estimated value of the reservation, committing the client to settle the difference to complete the 50% least 3 months before the date of arrival.Time of the aforementioned three months prior to the arrival date, if the customer does not communicate or do not pay the difference shall be deemed canceled reservation and not entitled to a refund of your first deposit.

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