Frecuently asked questions

1. Do you have long-term rates? 
Yes. Please contact us and tell us your planned arrival and departure dates and we will provide you with the best price option.

2. Are long-term rates available online?
No. Weekly and monthly rates are offered directly via e-mail or phone. You won?t find long-term rates on any other booking website or on our website.

3. Do you have shuttle service to and from the Puerto Vallarta airport?
We do not. In order to provide more jobs, we let other companies and taxi drivers offer transportation services for our clients.

4. How can we get to Guayabitos once we arrive at the Puerto Vallarta airport?
Taxis are available for around $60 to $100.00 USD. If you arrive late at night rates may be higher. Please take an official taxi from the airport.

5. Is it possible to rent a car?
Car rentals are only available in Puerto Vallarta. You may drive rental cars to Guayabitos. However, we don?t recommend renting a car because you won?t really need it throughout your stay.

6. Do you take credit cards or foreign currency?
Yes, we take VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We also take USD, CAD, Euros, and of course MXN pesos if you want to pay with cash.

7. How can I dial to Mexico?
It depends on your phone company. Usually, you need to dial +52 or 01152, followed by a 10-digits number.